Customer Profile: Celeste Powers

It sound cliche, but we really love our customers.  Other than being the reason we are still around, our customers teach us just as much as we teach them.  We take their suggestions very seriously and try to think of things from the customers point of view.  This is why we decided to share our customer’s stories with you!

Each month we will talk to a customer, find out what makes them tick, and hopefully give you some inspiration and knowledge in the process!

Our very first customer profile is on a very talented and driven women from Collierville, TN just outside of Memphis.  Celeste Powers thinks outside of the box when it comes to powder coating.  She has only been powder coating for under a year and took interest in it after sandblasting stainless steel and glass.



Columbia Coatings

Hi Celeste!  It’s so great to talk to you.  We have talked about your work around the office and love the way you have taken powder coating outside of the normal industrial/automotive industry.  So tell us how did you get started in powder coating? 

Celeste Powers

I met a sweet lady online from Monroe, LA (Angela Dana) who befriended me and convinced me to give powder coating a try.  A small handful of us (ladies) were in a sandblasting group and then we broke off and created an online support group to help inspire and meet other like-minded crafters. I love creating things that I think people would enjoy as gifts, something I would like to have in my home.  I’m a crafter and creative person so I am always searching for things that are different from the fads and trends of most online craft groups.


CC: We are finding more women taking up powder coating and think it is great that the flexibility of the coatings and products are being displayed when it is used in non-traditional ways.  So what kind of equipment do you use?

CP: I currently use an entry-level powder coat gun that is connected to a 29 gallon air compressor.  I have a small booth set up in the garage that I set my objects in to spray. We run a dust collection system we picked up locally and I have an old oven someone donated set up in the garage.

CC: So a simple set up.  What equipment would you like to have and what piece don’t you think you could live without?

CP: I wish I had more of a professional gun that would help control thinner spray patterns for multi colored ombre designs. A few weeks ago I had a lady wanting to try her hand at coating and she brought over stands she purchased from you guys online. As soon as we completed her cup I immediately logged on your website and purchased several of the stands.  The clean lines I get after spraying is incredible.  I am not sure what I would do without them.

CC: That’s awesome!  The Thermal Cup stand is a great example of how we try to create products for our customers, glad you like them so much!  So you have coated a lot of unique pieces, is there anything that was strange or something that you had a blast coating?

CP: The strangest thing I have coated would be rocks. If you have heard of the #901rocks we had one that a neighborhood kid placed in our flowerbed by the mailbox. People paint rocks and hide them around town, posting clues on the 901 Rocks! page. When someone finds a rock, they often photograph themselves with it and post it on Facebook as well. Some keep the rocks they find, while others re-hide them for others to discover, so that’s what we did. I also coated a bamboo cutting board and a ceramic mug for the heck of it. Of course I always love finding old retro kitchen pieces and giving new life to them as well.


CC: So you are still pretty new to powder coating, is there anything you would share with someone just starting out?

CP:Do your research and join online communities so that you can watch, learn and ask questions. Everyone has their own way of doing things. What might work for a pro may be completely different for a crafter. I find it amusing seeing the two groups collaborate online. Crafters teaching pros how to use a silhouette cameo vinyl cutter and pro’s giving coating advice.

CC: That is great advice, we have found the online communities are a great place to gather inspiration and ask the questions you might have.  So other than the cup stands, why do you chose Columbia Coatings over some of the other providers?

CP: I love the fact that Columbia Coatings has quick shipping and that you contact me if a powder is out of stock instead of holding my order like other companies tend to do. I love the freebies and reward points that are earned with each order. The addition of collegiate color listing is really helpful when I am not sure which hue is the closest. The shimmer powders are amazing, the finish on mirror powders is incredible and the wet clear coat is my favorite clear so far. I can’t wait to see what other stands and products Columbia creates to help the “crafters” become more efficient on their at home projects.

CC: Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule and talking!  

CP: Craft on!


If you would like to see more of Celeste’s work you can request to join her Powder Coating and Project Inspiration Group!

If you are interested in being featured as our customer profile of the month, please email  Also be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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