How to Powder Coat Glass

We have received a lot of questions about powder coating glass.  So here are some tips and tricks to help you accomplish a beautiful and smooth glass finish!

There are a lot of things you can powder coat other than metals, most notably glass.  Powder coating glass isn’t as complicated or complex as you would think.  If you are set up to powder coat metal, you can powder coat glass.  So here is a brief overview of how to powder coat glass.


  • Powder coating oven
  • Powder coating Gun
  • Something to hang your part.
    • depending on the part you may need to modify your hanger slightly to hang.  For our sample we use a tube hook.
  • A part to coat
  • Powder


Powder coating glass you have to keep in mind that if you want the translucent qualities of the glass to remain you need a translucent powder.  Any other type of powder will be so thick that you will no longer have translucency.


When powder coating anything it’s important to do the correct prep work before you shoot in order to insure the best finish.  With glass this is equally as important.

  • Oven: You will want to turn your oven on to the temp that your powder will cure at.  This will be on the label or in the Tech Data Sheet found online for your product.  Your oven could take a while to heat up, so be sure to allow plenty of time for this before hand.
  • Prepare your powder:  For the sake of this tutorial we will assume you know how to do this.  But if you don’t look for a video soon or consider attending one of our Powder Tech 101 Classes
  • Hang Your Part: As said before you may have to get creative with how you hang your part, just keep in mind that wire will prevent coating from hitting that spot on the part.  so if you don’t want a mark on the lip or rim of a glass, make sure the hanger is not touch it.
  • Clean your Part: just like with metal, you need to clean your part to remove any oils or unwanted chemicals from being trapped under the coat that may cause defects in the finish.  To clean you can simply use a cleaner like simply green to degrease.  Be sure to rinse with warm water and dry the piece throughly.  The most efficient way would be to blow it off with a compressor.
  • Pre Heat your part:  Glass needs to be heated before it can be blown, so you will need to place it in the oven.  Typically if you place the piece in the oven and then get everything else set up, your piece should be sufficiently heated up.


Since you are pre heating your part, you will need to work quickly.

  • Pull the piece out and place it on your coating rack.
  • Let the piece cool to approximately 250 degrees or about 3 minutes out of the oven.
  • Spray the bottle just like a metal part about 6 inches from the gun.  We also recommend using a wide mouth nozzle for equal distribution of powder and a softer spray. But only with Specified Hyper Smooth or Kool Koat gun systems.  It can damage other guns.


  • Even Translucent powders will shoot non translucent.  i.e. you won’t be able to see through the glass.  (See Image Below)  Also note that the color may appear to be a different color when sprayed. Do not worry, it will cure at the correct color.
  • If you are shooting Veins, hammertone or wrinkles the actual finish may come out different because you are shooting a hot part.




Once you have a desired coating, Place the part in the oven for the proper amount of time provided by the label. Be very careful to prevent too much movement or bumping as this can knock the powder off before it’s placed in the oven.   Also note that the timer should not be started until the oven has reached it’s proper temperature.

After the part is done baking. Carefully remove the piece and let it hang dry.


That’s it!


Have any tips, tricks or photos to share?  Comment below or let us know on Facebooktwitter & instagram.  Don’t forget to follow and like us while you are there!


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