4 Favorite Bare Metal Motorcycle Tanks

We love powder coating, but sometimes covering up the metal would destroy a beautiful tank.  Take a look at our favorite bare metal motorcycle tanks.


We were unable to find the source or builder of this masterpiece, so there isn’t much information to share.  The two tone metal combination is incredible.  And the gas cap hinge is brilliant!  It reminds me of the Rocketeer.


This picture took some research.  It is floating all around Pintrest with no credits given to the artist.  Which is a shame since if you look closely you can see it is Otto Carter (Bottom left of tank).  In fact, there are much more detailed pictures on Rusty Knuckles.  All done by hand and chisel, Otto, Meticulously engraves many guns, motorcycle parts, jewelry and belt buckles to name a few.  Go check out his work, you will be blown away.


Another Tank making the rounds without credit is this beauty. After digging we found this is a creation of Nogg DesignsLike Otto, Nogg,whose real name is Berzeviczi Norbert (Norbert Berzevizi {Burzaveechee}), hand beats and engraves tanks.   You can find more pics of his work and more pics of this tank on his site linked above.


Simple yet speaks volumes.  This tank by GB Speedshop(?) harkens back to a time when bikes were about transportation and not showing off.  There’s just something about it’s stained tank that takes you back.

Also don’t forget to share your pics while you ride this summer with #MySummerRide, you could win cool stuff!

Have a tank you like that we missed?  Which is your favorite?  Let us know by commenting below or hit us up on  FACEBOOKTWITTER & INSTAGRAM. Don’t forget to like us while you are there!


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