Why I don’t have time for Social Media

There are few tools today as valuable for a business as social media.  These are the reasons why you need to utilize these free tools.

I mentioned in my post “Social Media for Powder Coating Businesses” what networks you should use and why.  But there are always the those that have 101 reasons why they don’t use it.  Do any of these sound like you or your boss?

  • I don’t have time for that.
  • I don’t do anything worth sharing.
  • I don’t know how to.
  • I just don’t want to.
  • I have enough business already.
  • I need my privacy.

Whether you or your boss have said one of these phrases when asked why you don’t have a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, no excuse is worth not taking advantage of free marketing.

I Don’t Have Time For That

One of my favorite objections.  Usually this excuse is hiding one of the other objections.  By saying you don’t have time to post a picture a day or a random thought is like saying you don’t have time for your customers.  Seriously, today expectations are that you have a presence online and the quickest and easiest way for anyone to find you is through Facebook.  If you have 30 seconds a day you have time to post a picture or video.  That’s it.  30 seconds.  Do you take a bathroom break, eat lunch or sit down for a smoke?  You have time.

I Don’t Do Anything Worth Sharing

Now this one I have a little more understanding for.  But you are looking at your work or company as something you see and do everyday.  Even something as mundane as cleaning a part is worth posting for people who don’t see that everyday.  The truth is we live in a voyeuristic society.  We like seeing what other people are doing and vicariously live through them.  When in reality every project you finish, every piece that comes in big or small can be shared.  What better way to show off your work?

I Don’t Know How To

So you never really took the time to learn how to use Facebook, twitter or instagram.  There are literally billions of people using these every day, the odds are you are no more than 10 feet from someone who knows how to.  Do you have a son, nephew, daughter, niece,  wife, employee?  Have one of them do it for you!  Just make sure you trust them!

I Just Don’t Want To

I really admire your honesty, but just like not having time for it you are only hurting your potential customers and therefore your business.  By saying you don’t want to is like saying you don’t want more money new customers would bring you.

I Have Enough Business Already

Liar, you may be busy, but you can always have more.  If you ever reach the point where you think you have enough work, you probably won’t for much longer.

I Need My Privacy

This comes down to stories of people saying they were “hacked”, or that their info was sold to other people.  Maybe you are afraid of someone getting your credit card info.  Well as for getting hacked, this is often the go to term when someone doesn’t understand something going on online.  True there are bad people out there, but being hacked is more than what most people assume.  It’s true that if you have a Facebook you run the risk of someone gaining access to your page.  But if you have an email, computer with an active internet connection, cellphone or even an address someone can use that to invade your privacy.  There’s no way around it. There’s a lot of irrational fear around the government tracking you and cyberbullies that want everything you have but the reality of it hitting your powder coating business are slim to none.


The bottom line is this: If you want customers, they want you to have a presence on social media. Have any tips you would like to share?  Have questions?  I’d love to help!

Comment below or let us know on Facebooktwitter & instagram.  Don’t forget to follow and like us while you are there?

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