3 Markets Powder Coaters should Market

Tired of Cars and Motorcycles?  Here are 3 Markets that Powder Coating Businesses should reach out to.



Pink Mark IV Tenor Saxophone

Musicians are always looking for a way to stand out from the crowd and keep their instruments in great shape.  What better way than a unique powder coating job.  From Drums to horns, Guitars to Pedals there is a large market of owners and businesses that may benefit from a good powder coating connection.  Reach out to music shops, Schools and Universities.  The finishes on brass instruments are very cheap and increasing the life of a musical instrument even music stands can help keep their budgets low!



There are a ton of crafters out there that create unique jewelry and other metallic goods.  Although it might not be in bulk or a huge payout, building your reputation and name in this community can often lead to other leads.  Those leads can turn into bigger projects.



Many municipalities, cities and towns just like schools and universities have tight budgets and a desire to stand out.  This could be done with signs, art and benches.  Often working with one city can lead to another!  Aiming for smaller towns/cities may be more effective since they won’t have or need to purchase the equipment.

Do you currently do work for one of these markets?  Have any other suggestions?  Comment below or let us know on Facebooktwitter & instagram.  Don’t forget to follow and like us while you are there?

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