Social Media for Powder Coating Businesses

Just what networks do you need to be on and why?

If there was one question I receive most from business owners it is this question: What social media networks should I use and why?

The truth is that every network works for one type of industry or another, but it depends on your demographic.  As many of you may or may not know there are a lot of different applications that powder coating can be utilized in.  It’s not all cars and motorcycles.  As long as a piece of metal can handle the required temperature and you have a large enough oven you can powder coat just about anything (Disclaimer: I don’t take responsibility for melting, fires or general destruction.  I’m a marketing guy!).

Because of this though your demographic may range from Women (40-50) or Men (18-25) and that will open different avenues for you.  I’ll be sure to touch on all of that in the future, but in any marketers opinion there are 3 must have social media networks you must use.


I’m not going to get into this argument in this post.  That’s for another day.  But if you have been thinking about the first question, here’s the answer:


Facebook is the Grandaddy and Grand Central Station for all of your social networks.  Facebook allows you to create a “Page” for your business.  This page acts similar to your “Personal” Profile (FYI. You need a Personal Profile to create a Business Page”)  You can post Photos, Videos, Text Updates and even Special Offers all for free.  You can list your address, contact info and Business address.

As for the why?  Everyone has it.  You hear that the younger generation isn’t on facebook anymore, but the subscriber rate has continually increased since it’s inception (Figure 1).  The truth is, Facebook will be around for a long time and it will increase your reach locally, regionally, nationally and even globally.



Twitter is often written off as a tool for youth.  There’s nothing good happening there except celebs and politicians being idiots and making the news for something they said or did.  That sentence alone should tell you the power of twitter.  The audience is so huge and the information spread so quickly that anything you say or do it instantly put in front of the planet.

So what is twitter and why do I need it?  Twitter is technically classified as a “micro-blog”. Tweet authors are broadcasting something in a series of 140 characters or less.  Twitter utilizes #hashtags.  What a Hashtag does is it let’s you search a particular subject and see what everyone is saying about it.  We use #WeArePowderCoating so you can see what we posted by searching that hashtag or clicking on it in one of our tweets.

When you hear that something is “Trending” worldwide that means that users are using the same #hashtag or talking about one subject in a large quantity.  It’s a way that businesses often gauge who is talking about what and where.


Instagram has surpassed Twitter in the number of users recently and there’s a reason.  People like seeing what people are doing.  In a voyeuristic way we want to see even the mundane day to day of what other people are doing.  If you are unsure what Instagram does is that it takes twitter and requires you post some sort of media: Photo, Video or GIF.  You can search by hashtags, share and like others posts and follow accounts you are interested in.

Our Friends at Black Label Coatings have taken this to a new level.  They brand their posts with their logo, use relevant hashtags for the photo and mention the manufacturers as well as the customer.

Click the image to see their instagram feed.Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 1.50.01 PM

What does this do?  This makes this post visible to everyone that searches those hashtags, let’s the producers of the products know someone posted something related to them and it let’s the customer see the picture before they pick it up!  The branding watermark is what makes this brilliant.  If someone sees this and shares it and there is no watermark, the people that view it will have no idea where it came from, they will have to trace back to the original post.  With the watermark no matter who shares it where, the credit comes back to Black Label Coatings.

Why not show your work off to everyone!

Do you have a social media success story or question?  Comment below or ask us on our Facebook page!



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