Market Your Powder Coating Business

You decided to start a powder coating business.  Awesome!  Now what do you do?

Whether you own a brand new building on Main Street or are working out of your garage 20 minutes from civilization, you can be successful.  We are not only a powder coating supplier, but we genuinely want you to succeed!

We, as a company, are in a unique position of seeing who and how other businesses succeed, what they do and what they don’t do.  Some of it is common sense marketing.  Some of it is customer specific.  The key is to know what will work for you.


One of the main features of our new blog will be to share these strategies, tips, tricks and tried and true knowledge with you.  Whether it’s online, grassroots or word of mouth we have seen it all and will give you some insight on where to start and what to do!  We will share interviews with successful businesses and coaters as well as use our own expertise to take your business to the next level.

We could probably write a book.  But who has time to sit down and read a book?  You are busy, so we will tackle it in small chunks in the form of video, blog posts and on our social media.


That’s easy!  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram!  If you don’t have accounts.  Get them!  You will need them, the truth is if you don’t think they will help, they you should be the one reading every post!  There is no financial obligation to any of those channels and they are swimming with people in your area looking for services like yours.


This is where you come in!  We need your help to find out what areas you might need some guidance in and what questions you have.  You can leave them in the comment section here or you can comment on our facebook, twitter and instagram.

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